Driveway Renovation Solutions

When the time comes for renovating or resurfacing your driveway, the quality of the products and techniques used are major factors that will determine the end result.  Florida weather can be brutal on all surface types; including concrete, asphalt, brick, gravel and cobblestone. The look and aesthetic appeal of your driveway is just as important as the durability.

We will now explore the options of driveway renovation solutions.

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Reasons for Driveway Cracks

One reason for cracks is due to the heat of the Florida sun which can cause cracking in your driveway due to the expansion of the materials during extremely hot weather. Tree roots pushing up against the driveway surface will also cause cracking. Once the small cracks occur this allows rain to enter through the cracks and cause even more damage. Heavy vehicles parked in your driveway can cause “wear and tear” damage. That is why it is important to have driveway renovation solutions handy.

There are plenty of preventative measures you can take, like parking heavy vehicles like an RV on a separate cement slab away from your driveway, or even store at an RV site. Keeping your car in the garage helps the weight stay off the driveway for extended periods of time (such as overnight).

Driveway Renovation Solutions

As soon as driveway cracks start to appear, they should be addressed with driveway renovation solutions. Avoiding repairs to the cracks just leads to more serious, complicated problems in the future.  Sealing and resealing your driveway is the best way to avoid major cracking on the surface. Once the driveway has been repaired or installed, resealing at least every two years is recommended.

When repairing your driveway the decision to patch, repair or replace will most likely depend on your budget.  Try to keep in consideration how effective each solution would be for your driveway long term.  Patching cracks with caulk that includes sand would be effective for those smaller cracks and resealing the area will complete the repair.  When analyzing the driveway renovation solutions best tailored to your needs, please keep the following in mind:

If you have a crack where one side becomes uneven from the other, then you need to contact a professional to evaluate it.  An uneven crack is a likely sign that moisture has seeped underneath the driveway and compromised the integrity of the foundation.

Patching vs. Replacing Your Driveway

You should take several things into consideration before deciding whether to patch, resurface or completely replace your driveway. If you happy with the current surface material used in your driveway and the cracks are minor, patching would probably be your best option. If the cracks are larger in size but have only caused minor crumbling, resurfacing would address these issues.  If your driveway has major cracks, with extensive damage and crumbling, replacing your driveway may be the only option.

Benefits of Driveway Renovations

An attractive driveway can help enhance your home’s overall appearance and welcoming mood to your family and guests.  Just as a cracked, crumbling can give a dumpy, less attractive feel to your property and home. Benefits of renovating your driveway are however not just aesthetic, they include safety issues as well. Let All Florida Pool & Spa Center create the look and feel you desire for your driveway, with the highest quality you deserve.
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