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Complete Pool Deck Installations

An important part of the beauty of a pool is the deck installation as a whole, especially how it can bring the landscape to life. There are so many benefits to having a pool patio or pool deck. You will not only be increasing the aesthetic appeal of your landscape, you’ll also be adding more functionality. With help from our team of specialists, you don’t have to let your backyard space go to waste for another moment.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Over time a pool deck may start to lose its luster. A quality pool deck resurfacing project can rejuvenate your landscape and add years of life to your backyard oasis.

The aesthetic appeal of a resurfaced pool deck can be accentuated by many products. One of these is a spray-textured acrylic coating that is applied right over a new finish.

With the choice of several finishes, a good pool deck resurfacing will ensure your yard looks brand new for years to come.

The Benefits of a Quality Pool Deck


Boost the appeal of your backyard with a new finish for your pool deck or patio area.


Enjoy longer-lasting results with an expert installation and high-quality materials.


Create a backyard paradise that’s designed and built with your needs in mind.


Reduce the risk of slips and falls with a new finish.

Decking Materials

It’s absolutely vital to have high-quality materials like natural stone for proper pool decking.

Several different materials can be used effectively when you’re creating a built-in swimming pool deck installation. Many include a coating that’s placed over the concrete pad, which can help with problems such as cracking and showing age. This coating of acrylic adds to the beauty of the deck.

Another popular way to beautify the pad is to add pebble or stone over the top of the concrete. These give a totally different appeal to the built-in deck installation and are coated with a non-slip surface, so they’re safe and practically maintenance-free.

Working with the Experts

For your pool deck installation and resurfacing needs, you should expect a competitive quote and quality workmanship from our team at All Florida. We’ll provide you with the estimated lifespan of your chosen pool decking.

Our experts will be with you every step of the way to support you with expertise and guidance, so you can rest assured you’ll find the best pool deck solution for your backyard paradise. To learn more about the various services, solutions and products available at our Miami pool service center, get in touch with us today or visit our showroom.