Swimming pool remodeling in Miami, South Florida
Swimming pool remodeling in Miami, South Florida

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Create the Backyard of Your Dreams

Is your backyard more drab than fab? Perhaps it’s time to start a new pool remodeling project! At All Florida, we won’t let you settle for less. You deserve to come home to a backyard that’s custom built for you and your family.

Access your pool and hot tub with ease, thanks to a high-quality deck or patio installation. Let your kids play freely, knowing that they won’t slip on the new finish.

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of your backyard paradise, with full confidence in knowing that it was brought to life by the experts.


Improve the style and functionality of your existing swimming pool.

Pool Resurfacing

Enhance your pool with modern and traditional pool resurfacing options.


Create safe and stylish backyard swimming pools with high-quality pool decking.


Advance the atmosphere and enjoyment of your pool with luxurious water features.


View our gallery of backyard pool renovations from our team of experts.

Trust All Florida in Miami for your next swimming pool remodeling project!

Pool Remodeling Ideas

Our experts can help with the design process that will make your backyard project a breeze. We offer a variety of unique tile options, modern and traditional methods of pool deck resurfacing, natural-looking custom fit rock foundations, and a variety of LED and solar lights to transform your pool.

Exceptional Service

We are the only South Florida pool service company that offers a guarantee to make all of our customers happy. The exceptional customer service offered at All Florida sets us apart from other pool remodeling companies in Miami.

Pool remodeling in South Florida
Add important safety features during your next swimming pool remodeling project.

Start to Finish

No matter how big or small your project may be, our team of backyard living specialists will be with you from start to finish. From the initial concept all the way down to the finishing touches, our team can provide you with the high-quality pool remodeling solutions your backyard deserves.