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Why All Florida Pool & Spa Center for Your Residential Pool Service?

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All Florida Pool & Spa Center is the best place for residential pool service, and it’s not just because we have 70-plus technicians who are trained and licensed for expert pool care. Check out some of the top reasons to rely on All Florida Pool & Spa Center for all of your residential pool services:

  • Family-owned.
  • 46-Plus Years Specializing in Pool Service.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Licensed and Insured.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Experienced Technicians.
  • Top Quality Workmanship.
  • Unbeatable Customer Service.
  • Free Quotes on Pool Remodels.
  • Comprehensive Pool and Spa Services.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Your Satisfaction is Our Passion

At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we have specialized in residential pool service for more than four decades. It has been our passion to provide residential services of unsurpassed quality at competitive prices. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can truly relax and enjoy their pool. No need to deal with ongoing upkeep, which involves maintaining the balance of the water so that it is safe for swimming because it is free of harmful bacteria. Our work also ensures the longevity of your pool equipment and the pool itself.

Comprehensive Residential Pool Services

All Florida Pool & Spa Center offers the full range of commercial pool services, which are backed up with full guarantees. The satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance. Services include:

  • Residential and Commercial Pool Maintenance
  • Pool and Spa Repair
  • Spa and Pool Remodeling
  • Hot Tub Sales and Installation
  • Pool and Spa Equipment Sales and Deliveries

From humble beginnings in 1971, All Florida Pool & Spa Center has gone on to become a premiere provider of reliable residential pool service. Contact us today at 305-893-4036 for pool care of the highest quality.

Pool Service Total Satisfaction Plan

We Guarantee To Keep You Happy!

  • Pool Service Guarantee – If for any reason you are not satisfied with our Weekly Pool Service, just call us within 48 hours of your last visit. Our Service Technician will return within 24 hours to redo the Pool Service and make it right – at no charge. Then, our Supervisor will call to make sure you are happy.
  • Clear Pool Guarantee – If your Pool receives All Florida’s Weekly Pool Service, and its water is not clear and algae-free for any reason, just call us. We will service it as many extra times as necessary until the water is crystal clear. Then, our Supervisor will call to make sure you are happy. (This Guarantee assumes that your pool is leak-free.)
  • Repair Assistance Guarantee –  If your Pool receives All Florida’s Weekly Pool Service, any Repair call you may have will be considered top priority. Our goal will be to assess the problem within 36 hours and keep you informed of the status. We perform our own repairs in-house and handle all Manufacturers’ warranties. This Total Satisfaction Plan is presented by All Florida Pool & Spa Center because satisfied customers are the foundation of our business.

Our Guarantee is simple… To Keep You Happy!

Swimming is a great way to get fit and enjoy the hot summer weather. It is important to use proper residential pool maintenance in South Florida, especially when it comes to your health, as a dirty pool can lead to all sorts of problems.  For excellence in residential pool service, residential pool owners can count on All Florida Pool & Spa Center to deliver the quality pool services you need.  We operate a family-owned pool service with trained professionals to provide a hassle-free service. We offer pool winterization solutions, custom maintenance plans and water test solutions that can fit your budget.

There are many aspects when it comes to residential pool maintenance in South Florida.  From opening your pool in the Summer time months, to closing your pool for the Winter, regularly scheduled maintenance plans and repair and renovation solutions.  Whatever your needs, All Florida Pool & Spa Center has the tips, solutions and resources to ensure you pool is in the best shape possible.

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Residential Pool Maintenance Benefits

The pool at your personal home is a place to relax, celebrate, entertain and escape from the typical day.  Although a swimming pool can bring a great deal of family joy, it can also be a pain to maintain.  Residential pool cleaning can provide services such as removing debris and eliminating grime that has been building up over time.  With trained pool technicians, not only will they properly remove the grime buildup by cleaning pool tiles and scrubbing walls, but also, treat the pool water to ensure it has the correct pH balance of chemicals.  Additionally, the All Florida Pool & Spa Center team of specialists will inspect the pool pumps, clean the filters and improve the efficiency of the water filtration systems.  One of the most important issues often overlooked is checking for leaks. Our experts will thoroughly check for broken tiles, foundation cracks or check the equipment that is broken and needs replaced.  Pool technicians will provide the right recommendations and implement the affordable solutions you need.

The problem is that many people are unaware of all the benefits of residential pool maintenance in South Florida. There are many benefits to  keeping your pool clean and in the best condition, from increased longevity to how well it operates. Either you can perform the maintenance yourself or hire the service of a professional.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an analysis revealed that thousands of public pools, hot tub and water playgrounds have many health and safety violations that are serious. This is one of the many reasons people have opted for their own pool, however, residential pool maintenance in South Florida is equally important as public pool maintenance.

Scheduling Residential Maintenance Services

One common problem that most pool owners fall into, is not having their pool tested before purchasing chemicals or other items. It is important to have a professional determine the pH balance, alkalinity, and hardness of your water before you look into pool maintenance solutions. Scheduling residential maintenance services is easy, just call our experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center for a free consultation now!

Proper maintenance is important as bacteria buildup can cause infections or irritation to people swimming and excess chemicals can damage the pool or equipment.  We offer 1-day and multi-day agreements to ensure that you pool is performing at the highest optimal levels.

Types of Residential Pool Maintenance Solutions

There are many different solutions to help maintain your pool.   One option is to get a professional to teach you how to measure and work with chemicals or how to operate and fix the different parts in your pool. The experts here at All Florida Pool & Spa Center will give you quick lessons or tips on how to properly maintain your pool.

There are many pool treatment options from using chemicals like chlorine to using a salt water generator. However, every pool-cleaning system has its drawbacks. Whether you are measuring chemicals or relying on manufacturers guidelines, you must determine which system is best for your needs.

Maintenance Tips for Residential Pools

Most pool owners don’t realize how important the pH – the alkalinity or chlorine levels – is in your swimming pool for your health; or keeping up with regular maintenance like daily skimming, vacuuming weekly and scrubbing the walls. Regular maintenance helps prevent future issues and keeps the pool clean and sparkling while you swim.

Remember to take into consideration the climate you are in, the weather in south Florida can be very hot. Therefore, it is important to use more chemicals or just test the water more often to make sure it is properly balanced. Plus, the more your pool gets used the more you want to test the water.  Contact the professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center to setup regularly scheduled residential pool service for your pool.