Commercial Pool Service

Commercial Pool Service from All Florida Pool & Spa Center

A large number of businesses in Miami and the surrounding area depend on All Florida Pool & Spa CentCommercial Pool Service - 305-893-4036er daily for commercial pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, leak detection, and more. The commercial pool service, workmanship, and customer service we provide are unsurpassed in quality and dependability. We have a reputation among business and property owners for providing exceptional commercial swimming pool and spa care. Our expertise in the industry spans more than 46 years.

The following are some of the top reasons All Florida Pool & Spa Center is a prominent company providing commercial pool service in and around Miami:

  • Our company is family-owned, and we are dedicated to excellence.
  • We offer competitive pricing.
  • Technicians are trained and experienced.
  • Workmanship is of the highest quality.
  • All Florida Pool & Spa Center is licensed and insured.
  • We provide satisfaction guarantees on all of our work.
  • We offer comprehensive commercial pool and spa services.
  • Free quotes on pool remodels are offered.
  • Our customer service is unsurpassed.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Commercial Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we understand that the reputation of your business can be affected by the availability of your commercial pool and spa. Repair calls for our ongoing clients are an absolute priority. In addition to providing rapid, skilled repair services, we provide the following weekly maintenance:

  • Water testing for chemical levels plus addition of chemicals, when the need is indicated.
  • Water conditioning.
  • Thorough cleaning of backwash units and filters.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the walls, floor, and steps.
  • Inspecting commercial spa and pool equipment, to find any potential repair issues.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center is now a premiere provider of dependable commercial pool care, following humble beginnings back in 1971. Contact us today at 305-893-4036 for commercial pool service of the highest quality.


Commercial Pool Maintenance and Chemical Delivery – We’ll come to you!

Our expert store staff is happy to provide advice on every facet of pool and spa maintenance and operations. We also provide extensive commercial chemical equipment and supply delivery service. We offer many products in bulk quantities at discounted prices. It’s all part of our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial pools are found in nearly every hotel, apartment complex and community club throughout southern Florida. The health and safety issues are extremely important especially when dealing with commercial institutions. Commercial pool maintenance in South Florida for your pool must come from the highest quality and most reliable company available. All Florida Pool & Spa Center can meet your needs and surpass your expectations for your commercial pool cleaning service and maintenance all year long.


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Commercial Pool Maintenance Benefits

It is not only beneficial to maintain your commercial pool for prestige, it is of the utmost importance to the health and well-being of the swimmers and patrons as well.  Proper commercial pool maintenance in South Florida will ensure the safety and clarity of your pool at all times throughout the year. Take advantage of the great commercial pool maintenance services offered by Alll Florida Pool & Spa Center.  We offer 1-day and multi-day commercial maintenance agreements that are suited to fit the needs of your facility. We provide pool products that are environmentally-friendly when necessary.  Additionally, out team can setup a consistent safety inspection schedule not only on your pool but also your commercial pool equipment.

Scheduled Commercial Pool Maintenance

All Florida Pool & Spa Center will provide your company’s commercial pool with regular weekly scheduled maintenance services. Weekly inclusive services will cover but not be limited to the following; cleaning the filters, inspecting the pool pump, brushing the pool walls, steps and floors, testing the pH, chlorine and alkalinity levels. All Florida Pool & Spa Center will ensure your commercial pool water is maintained with the highest quality and service that our company affords to all its customers. We will make certain that the rules and regulations of the Florida Department of Health are strictly followed. “The Department of Health is responsible under Chapter 514.Florida Statutes for the routine surveillance of water quality and safety at all public swimming pools.” The pool specialists at All Florida Pool & Spa Center will ensure that your pool and facility will remain safe, clean and ready to perform at the highest level for a successful season of swimming.

Types of Commercial Pool Maintenance

All Florida Pool & Spa Center will provide commercial pool maintenance for your swimming pool or hot tub all year long.  We can schedule weekly visits or come every day, we will be meet and accommodate each and every client to your specific needs . Our pool cleaning service includes skimming the surface of the pools, pool vacuuming to remove debris, power brushing the pool tiles, cleaning and changing pool filters, pool bathroom and change room cleaning and much more.

Commercial Pool Maintenance Professionals

It can be difficult to choose the right commercial pool maintenance company in South Florida.  There are professional pool service companies in every city meeting the demands of the many commercial pools throughout the State of Florida.  All Florida Pool & Spa Center prides itself as being the professional commercial pool company that will meet your needs time and time again.  When seeking out a professional for your commercial pool, choose the family-owned company with the reputation of providing sparkling clean pool water all year long.  All Florida Pool and Spa Center has the highly trained professionals you need for your commercial pool maintenance. We are one of South Florida’s Largest Pool and Spa Companies, earning the trust of our customers for over 45 years.