Pool Repair Services

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Pool problems grow into stressful situations if neglected. All Florida Pool & Spa Center will take this stress away completely.

Our technicians can repair or replace pumps, motors, filters, heaters, lights, timers, cleaning systems, and more. Plus, our specialists will help you detect and fix leaks in your pool.

We take the stress out of pool ownership.




Every pool owner knows all too well that pools are absolutely wonderful until they break down. To prevent this from happening, many pool owners do as advised, and perform regular maintenance to keep their pool running beautifully. Sometimes that doesn’t always work out, that is why pool repair services are your pool’s best defense against unwanted major repairs.

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It is suggested that people maintain a contract for pool maintenance all year round, as there are special services that need to be performed during every season. Pool repair services experts such as All Florida Pools & Spa Center will be able to guide you to specific upkeep issues to help you secure a satisfied outdoor experience at an affordable cost.

Reasons for Pool Repair

At some point in time, your swimming pool equipment or even your pool will require some type of repair, or you may choose to enhance the cosmetic appearance of your pool.  Due to the large investment you have made in your pool, supplies and equipment, you will seek to have the problems and issues quickly and efficiently diagnosed, corrected and repaired.  If you decide to improve the cosmetic appearance or correct faulty pool equipment, then you will want the best repair service.

Leaks in a pool are the most troublesome of pool repair issues. Leaks are typically related to structural problems that cause the leaks and can provide a rather steep repair bill for the pool owner.

Lack of pool circulation is another typical reason for the need of pool repairs.  Diagnosing problems with a pool water pump will be needed in order to gauge the level of effectiveness where water is circulated throughout the pool in an efficient manner.  If your water pump is not functioning properly, your pool will not be able to effectively filter or pump clean water throughout your pool. This will cause your pool to build up grime and become dirty, which will become not only a swim hazard but also a swimming hazard.

Pool repair service companies such as All Florida Pool & Spa Center will look for the cause of leaks, as they can vary based on the type of plumbing solution installed, as well as detect the problems with your pool circulation.

Types of Pool Repair Solutions

The liners are mostly made of three materials; concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each material requires a special kind of repair technique. That is why pool repair service companies often involve the knowledge of different structural repairs. The vinyl liners are the easiest to repair, and are the ones that wear down more often, which is a consideration when building or buying a home with a pool.

The plumbing is an important component of any pool, and must be kept in proper working condition. The return lines bring water from the pump and filter back to the pool. The reason for this is that if a leak occurs in this area, the suction will not work, and the water will drain, or simply not move at all.

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It is recommended that pool owners carry a yearly contract for pool maintenance to prevent the need for costly pool repair services. It is important to repair leaks so if the homeowner discovers one it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible to save on water, heat and chemicals. Also the pool owner will want to prevent any further damage from taking place in the underlying area of the pool where the water might be collecting.

Schedule your pool service repair consultation as soon as you think that there might be a leak. With the All Florida Pool & Spa Center, a qualified technician will be able to locate the leak and offer repair solutions before any further damage takes place.