Pool & Hot Tub Repair Service

Pool & Hot Tub Repair –  We provide the solutions. You enjoy the water.

Small pool and spa problems grow into stressful situations if neglected. All Florida Pool & Spa Center will take this stress away completely. Our technicians can repair or replace pumps, motors, filters, heaters, lights, timers, cleaning systems, and more. Plus, our specialists will help you detect and fix leaks in your pool or spa.

Many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed when faced with the decision of which pool repair service they should chose for their pool repairs. Any pool repair small or large, requires the expertise, the knowledge and the experience of a licensed pool technician.  Not only will we analyze and diagnose your pool equipment repair needs, but also, provide everything a typical pool needs to include cleaning, minerals and chemicals at an affordable price.  Pool equipment repairs can include changing pool pumps, replacing filters, diagnosing problems with pool motors and heat pumps.  Also, to adjust the timing mechanics and unclogging pool valves.  Additionally, with All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we also provide repairs to damaged pool decks, pool walls and surface areas.

When choosing a pool repair service company, make sure the company you choose is reliable one like All Florida Pool & Spa Center here in South Florida. A repair project left uncompleted or not completed in a timely manner can become quite costly especially if the repair requires draining the pool.

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Choosing a Pool & Hot Tub Repair Company

Major pool repairs, such as refacing and resurfacing, require the pool to be completely emptied.  The ground level in Florida can cause the pool to “pop up” or buckle if left empty for a long period of time.  To ensure this does not occur, your pool repair technicians must work efficiently and quickly. Choose a pool service repair company that will be able to get the job done seamlessly.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the right pool repair company for you. Make sure your pool company guarantees their work. Hiring a well-known and respected company that has an impeccable record of providing quality workmanship is imperative with pool repairs.  Professional pool repair is just a phone call away! Let All Florida Pool & Spa Center deliver your pool in excellent condition with our fast, reliable, and quality pool repair service.

Pool repairs done incorrectly will not only cost you more in the long term but will frustrate you, taking away your confidence in your pool service repair company. Choose a company that takes pride in their work and keeps their customers satisfied.

Pool & Hot Tub Repair Benefits

When you have your pool repaired you will being adding worry free years of enjoyment to you and your family. A swimming pool surface free of cracks eliminates the loss of water through the pool walls and bottom. A rough, dry, pitted pool surface in need of repair can be uncomfortable and cause small abrasions on your feet and hands when touched.

A pool can be a great luxury but in addition to routine maintenance and cleaning, repairs will be needed after a while. It’s just part of the normal wear and tear of a swimming pool.

Types of Pool Repair Services

Pool repair services encompass the elimination of algae, repairing and or replacing your filtration system, resurfacing the swimming pool sides and bottom or re-balancing the chemicals.

Three main types in-ground pool materials includes concrete, fiberglass and vinyl.  Each of these swimming pool materials are susceptible to various forms of cracks and leaks, and thereby require various forms of structural repair.  The expert pool technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center will review the type of pool material you have on your property and diagnose the structural repair problems and deliver a quality solution that will fit your needs.  For cracks, plaster may be applied to to the pool material to ensure a smooth surface.  In some cases, the technicians can repair or replace the vinyl lining of the pool.

Pool water that has a greenish tinge in color signifies an algae growth is present in the water. This could be caused by lack of proper chemical readings or even a breakdown in the filtration system. Heavy rain storms, which are frequent in Florida, cause dilution of chlorine and other needed chemicals such as stabilizer reducing their effectiveness.  Our firm can analyze your acid levels and restore the proper water balance your pool needs.

Pool filters need to be inspected regularly and replaced periodically. When the filter cartridge panels become worn out and have many gaps, your pool service company will need to replace the filter cartridge. One indication of a failing pool filter cartridge is the lack of strong suction through your skimmer.

Cracks along the pool walls or bottom can cause foundation damage as well as wasteful water loss.  Repairing these cracks is of the utmost importance in controlling damage to your swimming pool or hot tub surface. When patches of your pool surface have chipped away it may be time to resurface your pool or hot tub. Your pool repair service provider can analyze the extension of the damage and make professional recommendations to you regarding what steps need to be taken.

Hot Tub Repair Solutions

A qualified hot tub repair service company can diagnose and repair your hot tub problems quickly and efficiently with different types of solutions. Many times the odor illuminating from your hot tub can be very strong and have an undesirable “chemical” smell to it.

Removing the cover from the hot tub at least once or twice a week can help circulate the odors into the air and break down their strength. Your hot tub repair service company can also address this problem with several different additives. Choosing natural water treatments is one available solution.

When your hot tub heater is not working properly it can be extremely frustrating and take away from relaxing in your hot tub.

If your heater can not be repaired, your pool technician can replace it. Reaching harmonious solutions for your hot tub repairs should be top priority for your pool and hot tub service company.

Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Quality preventive maintenance is the key solution for your swimming pool or hot tub.  All Florida Pool & Spa Center is committed to supplying you with the highest quality preventive maintenance to allow your encounters with damage and repair will be minimized. Normal wear and tear to your swimming pool or hot tub can be kept under control with preventative maintenance.

Eliminating algae growth, for example, will save your pools’ surface from premature breakdown and discoloration. With proper preventative maintenance your pool surface should not need any major repairs for at least ten to fifteen years.

Weekly cleaning of your pool or hot tub ensures proper chemical balances are being maintained. The removal of leaves and debris from the pool water aids in stopping algae growth.

Having and maintaining the proper filtration system for the size of your pool or spa is a very crucial aspect. Your filtration system should be adequate for your amount of use and tailored to the amount of water your pool contains.

One way of ensuring the proper run time of the filter would be to have your technician install a timer on your electrical outlet. This procedure will make sure the filter is running a specific number of hours each and every day. The hot summer days in Florida will require extending the hours of filtration to your swimming pool.

Preventative maintenance is crucial to swimming pools and spas, ensuring the well-being and safety of all of its users.  Contacting your pool service repair provider, All Florida Pool & Spa Center,  when a problem arises can keep further damages under control, saving you costly repairs. Addressing any damages that result from a heavy rainstorm quickly will also reduce the amount of damage to your pool or hot tub.