Pool Filters

All Florida Pool & Spa Center offers a complete line of pool filters for any type of residential or commercial situation. We carry a variety of brands, designed to help keep pool water clean and clear, with minimum maintenance and upkeep.  They’re built tough to stand up to pool chemicals, corrosion, and the elements, providing years of trouble-free service

Cartridge Filters

Looking for top-end filter performance with little maintenance required? Look at a cartridge filter.

This long proven design uses special filter elements to strip particles from pool water with great effectiveness…find and removing particles as small as 1025 microns (particles smaller than 40 microns cannot be seen by the human eye). And maintenance is easy. Open the top. Remove the cartridge. Hose it off. That’s it.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are one of the most popular ways to filter water. And for good reason. They are simple, effective, and require very little attention. Pool water is routed through a sand-filled pressure vessel, and over time, dirt accumulates in the spaces between the sand particles, causing the pressure in the vessel to rise as water finds it harder to pass through. This signals you to “backwash” the filter. Simply reverse the water flow and “knock out” the dirt. What could be simpler?

D.E. Filters

DE Filters are also very popular with Miami pool owners. That’s because D.E. filters remove particles as small as 3-5 microns.

Even though particles smaller than 40 microns can’t be seen with the naked eye, large quantities of these microscopic contaminants have a very noticeable effect on water clarity. And D.E. strips them away.

All of our D.E. filters feature curved D.E. grids to maximize surface area and improve efficiency, giving you the best pool water clarity possible.

Give us a call today, or stop by our showroom in Miami and we would be happy to help you find the best filter for your swimming pool!