Pool Decking

Some homeowners think of a pool deck and porch or patio as all the same thing. But pool decking  is quite specific, and an important part of the beauty of a pool, and the beauty that it brings to the whole landscape. When pool decking is done properly with quality materials, it adds years of life to the landscape. Many materials are available to enhance the durability from qualified pool decking installers.

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Benefits of Pool Decking

Coral Gables Pool Renovation Before

Coral Gables Pool Renovation Before

Coral Gables Pool Renovation After

Coral Gables Pool Renovation After

It is a difficult choice for homeowners to choose the correct materials for proper pool decking . To achieve a modern and trendy look, the pool owner should choose a new finish for their gray, drab concrete finish. These new finishes will not only look good, but also help to reduce the slipping that can occur from the water on a concrete surface.

Pavers are more expensive additions, but it gives your pool a beautiful new look and the pavers do not show cracks like concrete surfaces do. Brick and flagstone added over the concrete also do not show cracks.


Pool Deck Protection Solutions

As a pool owner who seeks to install or renovate a whole new outdoor living area then All Florida Pool & Spa Center is for you. We are the outdoor pool deck specialists. It’s no secret that with adding an outdoor living area to your property has become one of the most popular landscape renovation projects today. There are so many benefits to having a pool patio or pool deck,. You will not only be increasing the aesthetic appeal of your landscapes but you will also be adding more functionality as well.  You will find yourself spending a lot more time outdoors simply relaxing or entertaining friends and family!

Pool decking has to be kept safe from falls and the elements, as the weather can quickly destroy many finishes. The aesthetic appeal of the pool deck is kept beautiful by many products, one of which is a spray textured acrylic coating that is applied right over the finishes.

With the choice of several finishes, a good pool decking will remain appealing for years to come. In addition, the appropriate spray will aid the landscape to remain beautiful and long lasting.

Pool Decking Materials

Several different materials can be used effectively when you are pool decking. Many include a coating that is put over the concrete pad, which will help with problems such as cracking and showing age. This coating of acrylic adds to the beauty of the deck.

Another popular way to beautify the pad, is to add pebble or stone over the top of the concrete. These give a totally different appeal to the pool deck, and are coated with a non slip surface so they are safe and practically maintenance free.

It is vital to have high-quality materials like natural stone for proper pool decking.

What to Expect from Top Pool Deck Installers

Pool decking is known to be safe and maintenance free for the most part. There are many excellent installers who offer quality services at an affordable price. For your pool decking needs, you should expect a competitive quote and quality workmanship.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center will be able to give you the lifespan of the pool decking that you choose. The type of finishes or stone that you choose will have varied life spans, so it is important to choose wisely and the installers will be able to guide you based on your needs.

Improving your pool’s energy efficiency keeps the price down, and cost savings to help reinvest in the beauty of the landscaping. So make sure you  call All Florida Pool & Spa Center the professional choice when adding your pool deck.