Ozone Purification Systems

The ozone purification systems come in many sizes and shapes to fit the needs of each spa owner.  Chemicals will need to be added to treat the water and especially in municipal pools or spas this can be quite a process. There are chemical free ozone systems that are used in holding tanks. It helps to understand the ozone purification systems and then decide if the homeowner or a trained technician will be handling the purification process.

Understanding Water Purification Process

Ozone purification systems work as nature intended in that Ozone is one of nature’s basic elements and a very powerful and deodorizing gas consisting of oxygen and an extra oxygen atom attached. This extra atom is what makes the oxygen ozone. The ozone purification systems take the oxygen and expose it to high intensity ultraviolet rays which create the ozone. Once this occurs the ozone molecule become oxygen and so the only byproducts of this process is oxygen.

Municipal pools have used this system for years because large quantities of water can be treated in this fashion and it is effective in purifying and conditioning water. The purification must be accurately tested and chemically pure for the water to be purified and allow for a healthy swim for the public.

Benefits of Ozone for Water

When you smell water that smells like rotten eggs you have not used ozone purification systems. The ozone removes the impurities that make the water smell or taste terrible. This process cleans the water of the impurities and through a natural process replaces the good properties so that the water is healthy and remains a benefit to the users.

  • Reduces traditional chemical use of chlorine/bromine by 60-90%
  • No more irritated eyes or itchy, dry skin
  • Eliminates faded bathing suits
  • Drastically improves water clarity
  • Eliminates foul chlorine/chloramine odors
  • Reduces costly repurchase of chemicals
  • Eliminates “ring around the tub”
  • Provides a more healthy swimming environment

Bacteria are killed trough this process and any virus that is living in the water is also killed. The metals such as iron, Manganese and sulfur are removed. Ozone leaves no residue according the Phillp Lippes of the Healthy Living Institute.

Water Purification Chemicals

Chemicals that are used for purification vary widely but there are three that are used most often and recommended by the American Swimming Pool Owners Association. These are sodium chloride, potassium chloride and chlorine dioxide.   Ozone purification systems is recommended in conjunction with these chemicals.

Ozone Generators

TESTIMONIAL:”All Florida Pool & Spa Center installed my delightful spa. Keeping the chemical balance is something essential. So these guys gave me a Ozone Purification System, in conjunction with sanitizers developed specifically for spas! Who else does that? Thanks a million!.” -Taylor
Ozone purification systems are controversial and many people misunderstand their usefulness. The EPA suggests that ozone is not indicated for air purification but is helpful in water purification and is used by many municipal pool owners.


If you are using an ozone purification systems  for simply getting rid of odors it should be used for a short period when there is an unwanted odor. After the odor dissipated then the ozone purification systems can be turned off.


As always it is best to consult with a professional who can accurately test he water and its makeup and recommend the proper steps. . Ozone purification systems are generally too large for home spa or pool owners and are basically used in city or public pools.


If you think an ozone generator might be the right choice for your swimming pool maintenance, give All Florida Pool & Spa Center a call today or come drop by our show-room!