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EvDSC_3129erything You Need For Your Pool And Spa, Made Easy!


At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we are here to make it easier for you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool and spa. Our goal is for you to leave everything to us. One thing we invite you to do is visit our showroom. You can speak with experts and ask any questions you have, and check out our essential pool products. We carry everything you might need associated with your pool and spa. Visit our showroom today. We are at 11720 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, Florida.


  • Spa Equipment – Improvements made in hot tubs are remarkable. The hot tubs of today are advanced, efficient, streamlined machines. In other words, you’ll get more enjoyment out of your hot tub, with no hassle. Check out spas and accessories at our showroom. There are options in lighting, automation, upgrades, chlorine generators, and ozone systems.


  • Pool Pumps – When you have a passion for pools, like we do, pumps are exciting features. There is a wide variety of swimming pool pumps in numerous sizes and shapes, so that we can fit the needs of every pool owner. A reliable pool pump ensures years of worry-free pool use. Pool pumps are associated with the health benefits of bacteria-free water.


  • Pool Filters – Pool filters are among the many important components of a pool. We have a full line of pool filters, to meet any residential or commercial need. We have several brands in our showroom, all of which are efficient at keeping pool water clean and clear, with minimum upkeep. You can enjoy years of uninterrupted service, since all of our filters are built tough to withstand corrosion, the elements, and pool chemicals.


  • Pool Heaters – Pools can be enjoyed year-around, as long as you have a reliable heating system. The three types of pool and spa heaters are: gas heaters, electrical resistance heaters, and electrical heat pumps. Each has their own set of pros and cons. Visit our showroom and we’ll help you find the heater that’s right for you.


  • Pool Cleaners – The need for cleaning pools is typically understood to be expected and routine. You can choose from suction cleaners and pressure cleaners, and there are several brands to choose from. When you stop by for a visit at our showroom, we’ll go over the various features of each model. Our knowledgeable technicians can answer all of your questions and make it simple to choose the right pool cleaner.


  • Pool & Spa Lighting – We believe the innovations in pool and spa lighting alone will make your trip to our showroom worth your while. There are numerous lighting products, including options that enhance the ambiance and safety of your pool. Thanks to intelligent design, the latest options in pool and spa lights create less heat, are more energy efficient, and cause less glare.


  • Pool Automation Services – Owning a pool today is far easier than in previous times. Pool automation makes it possible for you to easily control the operation of your pool and spa. Check out EasyTouch® Pool and Spa Control Systems at our showroom. A ScreenLogic® Interface Kit is an optional feature that allows you to control everything from your favorite mobile digital device.


  • Commercial Chemical Delivery – When you stop by our showroom, you can set up delivery services for everything you need related to your spa, pool, and fountains. We like to make it possible for you to relax and take it easy. Our delivery service is one way to do that. We deliver everything you need for pool and spa maintenance.


  • Salt Chlorine Generators – Salt chlorine generators are alternative pool sanitation systems that have been growing in popularity. Advantages include providing consistent chlorine levels and softer water as well as eliminating the inconveniences of dry skin, bleached bathing suits, and burning eyes. The experts at our showroom will fill you in on all the particulars.


  • Ozone Purification – You can see the many shapes and sizes of ozone purification systems we offer at our showroom. The water purification process is essential because it ensures healthy swimming. Ozone for water eliminates symptoms such as itchy, dry skin and irritated eyes. The systems also reduce the chemical use of chlorine/bromine by 60 to 90 percent.


  • Big Green Egg BBQs – A favorite poolside activity is outdoor grilling, and the “Big Green Egg” is the product we recommend for cookouts. The Big Green Egg is a barbecue, smoker, and grill all in one. It’s an attractive addition to any patio and cooks with a high level of efficiency. Visit our showroom to see all four sizes that the Big Green Egg comes in.


We look forward to seeing you at our All Florida Pool & Spa Center showroom.