Pool Resurfacing Solutions

When it gets hot and muggy, there is no better way to beat the heat, than to jump into a nice cool pool. However, finding out that your pool has cracks or is damaged can stop you fun fast. Do not worry, pool resurfacing can be done within a week by experts. Luckily there are experts with over four decades of experience in the area to help. All Florida Pool & Spa Center has professionals with the experience needed to handle all of your pool and spa related needs.

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Benefits of Pool Resurfacing

Pinecrest Pool Renovation Before

Pinecrest Pool Renovation Before

Pinecrest Pool Renovation After

Pinecrest Pool Renovation After

When a pool has a failing finish it needs to be resurfaced, this means chipping out any damaged materials, then applying a new finish and finally acid washing the surface. However, if a pool is damaged it is best to take care of it sooner than later, as leaving it could result in more damage and a higher price tag for repairs. All Florida Pool & Spa Center offers a variety of options and we provide over 45 years of experience to our customers.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

How do you see the future landscape for your pool? An area for large family reunions, an intimate setting for your small family, or a functional area for an office party, or a place for the community party?  There are a variety of surface solutions you can choose from.  With our pool consultants, we can guide you along which is the best solution for you.

When it comes to pool resurfacing, you must take into account the weather. The elements can make a difference when it comes to how durable and long-lasting the deck will be. Choosing the right materials is important, or a lot of maintenance will be required.

In a special to the National Post, Mike Holmes gives a couple of tips to properly resurface a deck, from using a pressure washer, to sanding and finally staining at least every two years, depending on the weather.

Pool Resurfacing Options

There are many benefits to pool resurfacing, from increasing the pools lifespan to having a safe place to play. The experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center can help, with over four decades of experience, we can help resurface everything from the pool to the spa to the deck.

Using the right materials is important, whether you decide on resurfacing with a traditional or modern method, it all depend on your needs. There are many options, from quartz, pebbles, fiberglass, or plaster. Remember it is not all about the look of your pool, but also take into consideration the durability and ease of maintenance when deciding.

Depending on the pool you have the life expectancy can differ, a concrete pool will only need to be resurfaced every 10 years, whereas a fiberglass pool will last for about 25 years.

Delivering Quality Resurfacing Services

When hiring a technician to perform pool services make sure that the technician has the proper license for the type of job required.

You won’t have to worry, when using All Florida Pool & Spa Center, as all of the technicians are certified and qualified to perform any type of resurfacing job you need, from improving energy efficiency to providing amazing workmanship.

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