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Relaxing Hot Tubs Miami

There is simply no better way to melt away the tension of a long day than  relaxing dips in hot tubs Miami. Enjoy some glorious personal time or unwind with family and friends in the luxurious, rejuvenating waters of your very own spa! You’ll find that spending  time in a Sundance Spa will help you feel more relaxed, think clearer, and live better — it’s the perfect way to make the absolute most of your South Florida home!

Isn’t it time you start thinking about getting a brand new hot tub for your home? All Florida Pool & Spa Center are the experts on hot tubs Miami, and we want to help.
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Make Life Better with a Sundance Spa

We’ve been making South Florida happy by selling and installing beautiful hot tubs since 1971, and we want to show you everything a luxury model from Sundance Spas will do to improve your life!

With the experienced professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa, finding a brand new hot tub from a high quality collection has never been so convenient and affordable. We are one of the largest certified dealers of Sundance Spas, the most trusted name in hot tub design! For over 40 years, our experts have been helping the people of Miami improve their lives and the comfort of their homes with hot tubs from the very best product lines worldwide.

Experience our 5-star service and start enjoying better “me time” this year!

All Florida Pool & Spa Center will provide all of the information you need to make the perfect hot tub choice for your own home — and all you need to do is call!

Why Choose Sundance Spa Hot Tubs Miami?

Since they opened their first manufacturing facility in Costa Mesa, California back in 1979, Sundance Spas has grown to become the world’s largest maker and distributor of luxury spas. They’re devoted to improving the health and lifestyles of people all over the world with superior hydrotherapy and stunning hot tub designs.

When it comes to hot tubs that embody luxury and well-being, Sundance Spa is the choice to make. That’s why we’ve been certified dealers of and a true believers in their products for decades!

Sundance Spas is responsible for some of the most modern advancements in hot tub technology, including:

  • Purer, More Refreshing Water without Chemical Maintenance
  • Revolutionary Jet Design for Better Massaging and Hydrotherapy
  • Beautiful Patented Models and Spacious Seating Designs
  • A Host of Hot Tub Accessories, Available in Our Showroom!

What puts Sundance Spas a step above? Let us show you! Visit our showroom to take the Wet Test Challenge, where you’ll get to experience a Sundance Spa hot tub for yourself! We’re so sure you will see the difference

Get a Free Estimate on a New Hot Tub Today!

We’re sure you can imagine on your own how fantastic it will be to have your very own Sundance Spa hot tub. Just think of everything you’ll be able to do with a hot tubs Miami or South Florida!

Come home after a day in the sun, make a cool drink, and revel in the warm, soothing waters of your personal spa.

Wake up on a weekend and start your day off right with a lovely soak.

Take the edge off of a hard day at work by lazing in the hot tub in the evening— not only is spa time a tranquil way to detox and regain your composure, but hydrotherapy is proven to reduce muscle tension, rejuvenate your skin, and sooth joint aches and pains!

Plus, when you team up with the All Florida Pool & Spa professionals, you can get:

  • FREE Up-Front Consultation & Measurement
  • Guaranteed High Quality Hot Tub Products
  • The Perfect Hot Tub for Your Home and Your Price Range
  • Our 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • A Guide Through the Basics of Hot Tub Maintenance

So this year, start enjoying spa time on your own time with a Sundance Spa hot tub installation from the local experts. You’ll never know how wonderful life in South Florida can be until you call to take advantage of our luxury hot tub installation offers. Call for a free estimate or visit our showroom today!

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