Hot Tub Repair Services

We provide the solutions…. You enjoy the water!

Hot Tub & Spa problems grow into stressful situations if neglected. All Florida Pool & Spa Center will take this stress away completely.

Our technicians can repair or replace pumps, motors, filters, heaters, lights, timers, cleaning systems, and more. Plus, our specialists will help you detect and fix leaks in your spa.

We take the stress out of hot tub & spa ownership.

With so many available hot tub repair services companies, it may be difficult to decide on which company will best suit your needs. Repairing your hot tub so you can enjoy it to the fullest, is best left to the professionals and qualified technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center.  Ensuring the safety and performance of your hot tub is top priority when choosing a responsible, reliable company. It is important to review the following issues when making your decision.


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Reasons for Hot Tub Repair Services

If you have noticed the water level has receded in your hot tub, the possibility of a leak is possible. The leak can be a repair needed directly within the hot tub itself, or perhaps within the pipes.  Small, sometimes unnoticeable leaks can occur at the hot tub pump itself. These type of repairs require the expertise of a hot tub repair service company.

 Once the leak has been located, repairs can be made to solve the water loss problem. Having to add additional water to your hot tub regularly can be very costly. The frequent adding of water causes loss of proper chemical balance, so, in turn, you are adding more chemicals to encompass the added water. The waste of water which is such a precious commodity should not go unaddressed. Finding a reputable and experienced hot tub repair service company will resolve this issue for you as a hot tub owner.

Types of Hot Tub Repair Solutions

When hiring the most qualified hot tub repair service company for your needs, you should consider their reputation and experience in providing solutions for hot tub repairs. Locating, removing and repairing a leaking pipe that feeds water into your hot tub will not only solve your problem, but it will save you great amounts of money in addition.

  • Controller upgrades
  • Replacement spa covers
  • Diagnose safety switches
  • Spa pump repair or replacement
  • Heater repair or replacement
  • Ozone systems
  • Drain and cleans
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Leak detection
  • Jet replacement
  • Pillow replacement
  • Chemical kits
  • Cover-lifts
  • Part Replacement and Repairs

Schedule Your Hot Tub Repair Consultation

It is important to immediately schedule a consultation with All Florida Pool & Spa Center as soon as the problem with your hot tub presents itself. Putting off repairs to your hot tub can cause further damage to the pipes or filtration system.  Scheduling a consultation will put your mind at ease and  the problem with your hot tub will be resolved in a timely and professional manner.

Exceptional Customer Service Hot Tub Installations

Look to All Florida Pool &  Spa Center for your exceptional customer service needs.  High quality and licensed technicians are needed in most installations, but especially in hot tubs installations. Customers need to feel their hot tubs are safe for enjoyment, using an exceptional hot tub service will meet these needs! Then you and your family can enjoy a warm, relaxing, stress-free soak.