Pool Cleaning

Automatic Pool Cleaners: Reducing Workload

Manually cleaning your pool in between your scheduled pool service can take hours- if not days- depending on the size of your pool. Coming home from a stressful day of work or using your day off to take care of such a tedious task is not your favorite pastime and the team at All Florida Pool & Spa knows that. We carry a wide array of automatic pool cleaners to give you your relaxation time back! An automatic pool cleaner looks like a little robot roaming around the bottom of the pool. They can work through a variety of sources

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Prepare Your Pool For A Hurricane

With the recent update on Hurricane Irma as a Stage 5 storm, it’s time to take safety precautions for your family and for your home. As most Floridians know, there is more to hurricanes than shuttering your house and gassing up the car. Follow these tips to ensure your family and home’s safety: For your Family Basic Supplies Kit Water Food Battery-powered radio Flashlight First aid Kit Extra batteries Manual can opener for food Backup phone chargers For your Pool Ensure proper drainage. Heavy rains are to be expected with a hurricane and that means drainage is very important. Pool

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How Clean Is Your Florida Pool?

How clean is your Florida pool

A strong smell of chlorine doesn’t necessarily mean your pool is clean. With pool related illness on the rise in Florida, here are some helpful tips to make sure your pool stays clean this summer. How Heat Affects Your Florida Pool As hot weather continues, pool owners may go outside one morning to find their pool covered with algae blooms. Algae damages your pool’s equipment by clogging up sanitation pathways and pores in the filter. Chlorine is the best defense against algae and your local Florida pool care professional can help you chose the right chlorine for your pool. Humidity It’s important

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Which Pool Cleaner is Best for You? — Suction Side, Pressure Side or Robotic?

Keeping a pool clean is no small task. Thankfully, today there are some great innovative tools that can make pool maintenance easier than ever before. You can buy a suction side, pressure side, or robotic pool cleaner, but the first step is to become familiar with each. Discover their pros and cons so that you can make the best possible investment in a pool cleaner that will help keep your pool sparkling clean. Suction Side Pool Cleaners “Suction side” refers to the pipes and fittings that bring pool water out to be filtered. A filter pump is literally sucking the

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How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water Following Basic Rules. When you have a cloudy swimming pool, it can be a challenging and a very  time-consuming process to get it clear again. Your swimming pool can turn cloudy right overnight! Why Do I Have Cloudy Pool Water? Cloudy swimming pool water can happen for many reasons. Below are three causes. The Location: Everything near and around your swimming pool can cause your water to become cloudy. That includes weather, animals, construction, trees, flowers, the sun, people, and pool algae of course. Your Pool Filter: If your pool filter system is not working the way it should be,

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7 Tips to Keep Pool Algae from Coming Back

Algae ends up anywhere water is, making algae control a necessary part of owning a swimming pool. When you take the steps listed below, you prevent your pool from becoming infested and turning green from the presence of millions of microscopic algae. 1-Maintain the proper balance in the pool water To keep water clear and algae-free, a free chlorine level of 1.5 – 2.0 or higher is needed. The pH level is important, too, because the pool chlorine is less effective when the pH is too high. The balance can be thrown off because nitrogen enters the water through various

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How to Get Rid of Pool Algae

Get Rid Of Pool Algae

There are several different types of pool algae and the treatment for each is different. Depending on the color of the algae, whereas the prevention of each is the very same. The key to treatment of any algae bloom (remember it’s a plant) is to make sure your chemicals are in balance and your filtration system is working properly.   Green Algae- This is the most common type of algae. Super chlorinate with liquid or granular chlorine. Double the amount you normally use to overcome the demand , brush your pool , let the pool circulate overnight and then clean

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Get Access to the Best Swimming Pool Cleaning Service for Saltwater Pools

Having a swimming pool cleaning service is highly important if you want to make the most out of your investment and to enjoy the luxury of owning your own swimming pool. As the saying goes, with a great pool comes great responsibility; you can’t just leave a swimming pool to take care of itself! Not only do you need to regularly clean and chlorinate your pool, it also makes sense to check for cracks, to inspect the pump and to replace the filters. This list will help you get started… Swimming Pool Cleaning Service -Chlorination Salt water pools have many

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How Online Technology Improves the Way Pool Cleaning Service in Miami Beach is Delivered

Pool Cleaning Service in Miami Beach - 305-893-4036

Technology has improved vastly in such a short period of time that it’s near enough impossible to find something that isn’t capable online. That includes finding a pool cleaning service in Miami Beach. Not only can you find one with a quick search through your phone’s browser or on your computer, but you can arrange all the particulars that way too. It makes arranging for your pool to be cleaned much easier and hassle free. Pool Cleaning Service in Miami Beach Pool owners seeking a quality pool cleaning service in Miami Beach can look to professionals such as All Florida Pool &

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Exploring How Pentair Pool Pumps Benefit Pool Filtration

Swimming pools need safe, clean water. To do this, they rely on two things: chemical treatment and filtration. A pool’s filtration system keeps water circulating continuously, removing debris and other contaminants from the water. The heart of this filtration system is the pool pump. Pentair pool pumps, in particular, are some of the most sophisticated pumps on the market today. These hydraulically engineered premium pumps circulate water very efficiently, while generating minimal noise. Pool Circulation and Filtration Clean water is incredibly important for any swimming pool, whether it’s a small backyard pool or a large public facility. Without circulation and

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