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Why is My Pool Water Foamy?

Is your swimming pool water looking a little… foamy? Don’t fret, this issue is common and completely treatable. It happens for a number of reasons, so don’t jump to any conclusions. Our experts at All Florida Pool & Spa in Florida understand how disturbing it can be to go outside

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Automatic Pool Cleaners: Reducing Workload

Manually cleaning your pool in between your scheduled pool service can take hours- if not days- depending on the size of your pool. Coming home from a stressful day of work or using your day off to take care of such a tedious task is not your favorite pastime and

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Prepare Your Pool For A Hurricane

With the recent update on Hurricane Irma as a Stage 5 storm, it’s time to take safety precautions for your family and for your home. As most Floridians know, there is more to hurricanes than shuttering your house and gassing up the car. Follow these tips to ensure your family

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How Clean Is Your Florida Pool?

A strong smell of chlorine doesn’t necessarily mean your pool is clean. With pool related illness on the rise in Florida, here are some helpful tips to make sure your pool stays clean this summer. How Heat Affects Your Florida Pool As hot weather continues, pool owners may go outside

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How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water Following Basic Rules. When you have a cloudy swimming pool, it can be a challenging and a very  time-consuming process to get it clear again. Your swimming pool can turn cloudy right overnight! Why Do I Have Cloudy Pool Water? Cloudy swimming pool water can

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7 Tips to Keep Pool Algae from Coming Back

Algae ends up anywhere water is, making algae control a necessary part of owning a swimming pool. When you take the steps listed below, you prevent your pool from becoming infested and turning green from the presence of millions of microscopic algae. 1-Maintain the proper balance in the pool water

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How to Get Rid of Pool Algae

There are several different types of pool algae and the treatment for each is different. Depending on the color of the algae, whereas the prevention of each is the very same. The key to treatment of any algae bloom (remember it’s a plant) is to make sure your chemicals are

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