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Bullfrog Spas: Designed Just For You

Any hot tub by Bullfrog Spas will add charm to your home and make it easy for you to relax and unwind. Personalize each hot tub with our interchangeable jetpacks. Call us now, or come on into the showroom to start your search.

Bullfrog Spas Series:

A Series

Premium Luxury Portable Spas

The A Series is a collection of premium hot tubs by Bullfrog Spas. Elegantly styled and fully featured, A Series spas allow you to design your ultimate personal spa. Each A Series premium spa features the JetPak Therapy System with JetPaks in all premium seat locations for maximum personalization of your hot tub experience.

R Series

Quality Hot Tub Collection

The R Series is a collection of top quality hot tubs by Bullfrog Spas. Built to the same exacting standards of our premium spas, the R Series allows you to create a customized spa experience packed with value. Each R Series spa model features the JetPak Therapy System with JetPaks in several seat locations for a top quality hot tub experience fit to your life and budget.

X Series

Quality Hot Tubs

Quality conventional spas built for peace of mind. Enjoy legendary reliability and comfort at an incredible price.

STIL Series

Modern Concept Portable Spas

Elegantly modern, STIL™ represents a new concept in holistic wellness and modern hot tub design. Each massage is bio-engineered to specifically address your personalized therapy while every detail appeals to your refined sensibilities. You will find no other spas on the market like STIL™.

Our Difference:

JetPak Therapy System: The Bullfrog JetPak Therapy System lets YOU design your exact hot tub experience with the most personalized therapy experience in the hot tub industry. YOU choose your favorite massages. YOU place them in YOUR favorite seats. YOU dial in your EXACT therapy intensity so you get the best hydrotherapy experience possible.

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The JetPak Therapy System is engineered better than the rest. We’ve substituted hundreds of feet of tubing, pipes, and standard plumbing used on conventional hot tubs with a simple, self-contained, and modular manifold system. The result is maximum efficiency and power with far fewer potential failure points. Bullfrog Spas are designed with 90% less plumbing than conventional hot tubs.

jet pack

EnduraFrame™ – The 100% Wood-Free Lifetime Hot Tub Structure

Each Bullfrog Spa is built on the patented EnduraFrame™ support structure, a sturdy molded ABS spa frame made with no wood or metal so it will never rot or corrode. Our state-of-the-art spa construction methods provide enduring support for your hot tub and the thousands of pounds of water it will hold. The molded ABS EnduraBase™, EnduraBeam™ structural columns and other EnduraFrame™ components are precision aligned the exact same way every time with no human error.

Cabinet Colors

Bullfrog Spas use EternaWood, Maintenance-Free Spa Cabinets. EternaWood™ is both weather and UV-resistant, ensuring maintenance free service for years to come. No staining required!

Premium Cabinets

These cabinets colors are available on A or STIL series spas


Ivory boasts a contemporary slat design and rich off-white tone that provides the traditional look of painted wood with the modern flat aesthetic that is so popular in home design today. Ivory looks great with nearly every shell color but is especially attractive in combination with Sapphire, Titanium, Snow and Platinum.


Slate has a flat contemporary slat design which is an aesthetic that is very popular in home design today. Slate’s neutral cool grey tone is a perfect way to create a spa look that is clean, fresh and new. Slate pairs especially well with Snow, Sapphire, Platinum and Midnight.

Standard Cabinets


Mahogany provides a rich deep red wood tone for a luxurious look. Mahogany pairs perfectly with all spa shell colors, especially Platinum and Mirage.


Driftwood is reminiscent of your favorite seaside vacation. It pairs well with all spa shell colors and looks especially stunning with Snow, Midnight Canyon, and Platinum.


Hazelnut is a rich and warm natural medium wood tone that looks especially great with Pearl, Mirage, and Midnight Canyon spa shells.

Spa Shells

Bullfrog Spas are focused on allowing you to create your perfect personal spa experience. You will also be able to choose from a full range of beautiful color choices to suit your landscape, home, and personal tastes. Choose the spa shell color you like and make your hot tub the perfect expression of your style.


Sapphire is a deep blue that is perfect for creating a popular seaside look. This shade pairs particularly well with the driftwood cabinet selection.


Snow is a sleek true white, popular for those with modern homes. This shade provides an understated elegance while enhancing colored hot tub lighting. Snow pairs perfectly with all cabinet options and looks stunning with driftwood.


Titanium is a stunning silver hue with a hint of metallic lustre. This color highlights the smooth ergonomic curves and features of your spa and compliments the brushed stainless jets for a coordinated look. Titanium looks especially great with the slat and ivory premium cabinet options.


Pearl is a warm hue with a deep rich iridescent glow. Pearl works well with any warm landscape or color scheme. Pearl works well with all cabinet options but is especially popular paired with hazelnut.


Sunset is a popular marble blend of warm earthtones. This rich marble look is beautiful and a perfect compliment for warm landscape designs. This color looks great with both the Slate premium cabinet as well as the Hazelnut and Driftwood standard cabinets.


Midnight is striking dark color that looks much like expensive rich marble. It has a dark base with varying tones of grey, amber, and tan. This spa shell looks amazing with a Hazelnut cabinet.


The Platinum hot tub color is one of the most popular. The base color is a smooth silver/white. It is complimented with subtle dark marble-like striations. Platinum compliments and works with any of the cabinet colors.


Mirage is a warm marble hue that is neutral and complimentary. The natural undertones form a classic look of sophistication. This hot tub shell color works well with any cabinet and is especially attractive when matched with Mahogany.


Cinnabar is a textured earth tone with mineral accents. It is a perfect neutral warm tone to match natural shades of rock and hard surfaces in your landscaping and home. This earthy spa shell color looks especially great with Mahogany.


Sandstone is a classic textured spa shell color that depicts the look of natural granite. This beautiful color has a gray undertone with flecks of dark and light minerals. Sandstone is neutral enough to work well with any spa cabinet selection.

Auxiliary Spa Controls

Spa-side remote touch pads are available throughout the spa at locations just out of reach of the main control pad. This gives you a simple and convenient way to control the jets without leaving your seat. Relax in your favorite seat with jets on or off at your convenience.

CloudControl™ – Monitor & Control Your Bullfrog Spa with Your Smartphone

Bullfrog Spas give you the unique ability to control your hottub from anywhere with your own Android or iOS smart phone. There are several different options for remote spa operation, including control of heating and jet functions as well as certain spa security monitoring functions. Your phone is an integral part of your lifestyle, now you can use it to monitor and control your Bullfrog Spa too!

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Premium Computerized Controls

All Bullfrog Spas come equipped with state-of-the-art computerized control systems. These systems are designed to make operation of your spa as simple and intuitive as possible. Our premium hot tub controls are also engineered to be durable and function for years without any problems in the environment around your hot tub.

Making spa relaxation simple…

Water Features:

Premium Interior Spa Lighting

Our A Series, R Series and STIL spas each feature a premium interior lighting package with lighted water feature, filter area and center logo light to enhance your nighttime spa experience.

Hot Tub Audio Systems

Integrated Sound

Relaxation, therapy, and good times are all enhanced by your soundtrack.

Bullfrog Spas’ audio systems utilize premium components to produce rich sound that wraps around our premium seats and sounds incredible even at low volume levels. Enjoy personal relaxation without waking the neighbors, or turn it up for get togethers and parties. These marine-grade audio systems are compatible with bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones and nearly all other digital music players. With this much control over your music you can choose exactly how relaxation sounds to you.

Ah, the soothing sound of relaxation…

Hot Tub Covers and Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Bullfrog Spas Patio Performance™ Hot Tub Covers

Bullfrog Spas Patio Performance™ Hot Tub Covers: In addition to their high-end look, these long-lasting premium spa covers feature an advanced patio fabric, treated to be UV and fade resistant, as well as weather repellant, and they are up to 25% lighter than standard vinyl hot tub covers.

Hot Tub Cover Lifters and Spa Steps

The simple design of Bullfrog’s durable cover lifter provides true convenience and functionality. Lift the spa cover and enjoy relaxation in just a couple of seconds. This device creates wonderful privacy as well while you are relaxing in your Bullfrog Spa.

Easily lift and store your hot tub cover…

Spa Lighting

Exterior Sconce LED Lighting

Exterior LED sconce lights are placed around the outside perimeter of your spa. These true daylight white LED lights create a safe, illuminated spa environment and make a beautiful addition to your backyard sanctuary that you will appreciate in the evening hours.

Light your backyard sanctuary…

Premium Interior Lighting

Our A Series, R Series and STIL spas each feature a premium interior lighting package with lighted water feature, filter area and center logo light to enhance your nighttime spa experience.

A Series spas additionally feature lighted cup holders and surround lighting to set just the right mood.

Powerful and energy efficient, these full-color LED lights are capable of producing virtually any color and they beautifully distribute light throughout the spa. You can choose from a variety of effects ranging from calm cool colors to enhance your relaxing and romantic spa experience, to a slowly fading in and out of each color, to a quickly changing multi-colored light show for hot tub parties.

Set the perfect mood…

All Florida Pool & Spa Center is proud to be an authorized dealer of Bullfrog Spas in Miami!


Hot Tub Total Satisfaction Plan:

We Guarantee To Keep You Happy!


  • Money Back Guarantee – If, within 30 days of installation, you are not satisfied with your new Bullfrog Spas for any reason, All Florida Pool & Spa Center will refund the purchase priceof your spa, less a 10% restocking charge. (Delivery, installation and related costs such as electrical, use of crane, out of state fees, etc. not included.)
  • Spa Exchange Privilege – Within 30 days of installation, you may exchange your spa for any other model Bullfrog Spas and pay only the difference in purchase price plus a 10% restocking charge. (Delivery, installation and related costs such as electrical, use of crane, out of state fees, etc. not included.)
  • “Happy Where It Is” Guarantee – Within 30 days of delivery, All Florida Pool & Spa Center will relocate your Bullfrog Spas at no charge, to any location on the property where the spa was originally delivered. (Offer valid for one move only, using our standard two-man crew with factory dollies. Offer does not apply to related electrical or construction costs, or costs for other equipment if necessary. Our regular delivery requirements apply.)
  • Referral Rebate Guarantee – When you refer a friend, neighbor, relative or co-worker who purchases a Bullfrog Spas from All Florida Pool & Spa Center, you will receive a $100 rebate of either cash or equivalent in water care supplies and accessories. The buyer must mention your name at the time of purchase. There is no limit to the number of rebates you can earn, up to the original purchase price of your spa.
  • “Just Call Us” Warranty – All Florida Pool & Spa Center (not a third party) will perform all warranty work on your Bullfrog Spas, under the conditions set forth in the warranty provided by Bullfrog Spas for the period stated in their warranty. This applies to our service territory only.

Our Guarantee is simple… To Keep You Happy! So if you’re looking for the best hot tubs models on the market, check out Bullfrog Spas hot tubs first — we guarantee you’ll fall in love. In fact, we’re willing to let you see for yourself! Take our Wet Test Challenge and experience the Bullfrog Spas difference firsthand. Just go to our store location and ask to try it!