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Complement Your Pool with a Sundance Spa!

Relaxing hot tub by side of swimming pool with blue table and chairs in South Florida

A Sundance Spa is the perfect complement to any backyard pool in South Florida. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that hot tubs have a few major health benefits. Particularly tubs like those made by Sundance Spas, widely recognized as one of the best hot tub manufacturers in the world. All Florida Pool & Spa Center is one of the largest Sundance Spa retailers in Florida and fully stand behind the benefits of owning a hot tub. New technology when it comes to jet placement and water pressure means that a hot tub is designed to be more than just

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Miami Beach Leads the Way for Swimming Pool Energy Efficiency

A resort swimming pool at twilight In South Florida

Local pool companies make New Pool Energy Efficiency law a priority   Miami Beach, Fla.-With a new law mandating energy efficiency standards in Florida swimming pools a year away, Dade County has already become a model of pool efficiency thanks to the efforts of a handful of passionate, local pool professionals. “Miami Beach is really ahead of the curve,” said Jeff Farlow, manager of energy efficient initiatives for Pentair Water Pool & Spa, Inc. and a founding member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals Energy Efficiency Committee. “They’ve recognized that there is a less expensive and more environmentally friendly

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Pool/ Spa Automation…Make Your Pool & Spa More Enjoyable

Beautiful woman relaxing in a hot tub in South Florida

  It is 2010; new technology’s has been making our lives easier and faster in almost all facets of our daily lives. Our cars talk to us, telling us how to get to our destination, our television remotes, allow us to turn channels without getting up out of our comfortable recliner, our cell phones instant communicators voice or text basically our mini computers with internet access. This new technology has also satisfied our desires for immediate satisfaction as it relates to our backyard cement pond, our backyard refuge from the day-to-day grind. There are several manufactures of automation equipment in

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Benefits of Ozone Water Purification and Discussion of other Sanitizers

beautiful swimming pool with ladder in luxury home in South Florida

Let us start by pointing out some basic knowledge about swimming pool sanitation methods and alternative sanitation equipment. Chlorine: Unlike Europe, In the US chlorine has traditionally been, and is, the mainstay swimming pool sanitizer. However, credible research suggests that chlorine may have health issues when used in standard recommended quantities as a swimming pool sanitizer. Chlorine combines with organic load created by human use (sweat, etc.) of the pool and the environment (pollens, airborne debris, etc.) resulting in ( off gassing)Chloramines and Trihalomethanes. In this state Chlorine is not able the properly sanitize the pool and kill bacteria and

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Pool Heating

Child in Pool with Toy in South Florida

It’s a warm beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. Your enjoying the outdoors- pool looks very inviting. Change into swim wear- go outside – cannon ball into the pool – suddenly you find yourself screaming underwater- THE WATER IS TOO COLD. So I have to ask,’ what’s the point of having a pool if it’s too cold to use it?’  There are many ways to heat a pool and or spa; here is what you need to know. There are 3 common ways to heat a body of water. Electrical resistance Gas (propane or natural) Heat pumps Electrical

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About The Spa

jacuzzi with raging water in South Florida

The Spa Industry   Having a spa in your families life can change the way you live everyday. You will make time to relax, communicate with you kids or loved one and heal your body. There are many different sizes, shapes and styles to choose. When shopping for any type of aquatic unit for a spa, hot tub, jacuzzi, portable spa, swimming pool, swim spa or aquatic fitness system, find the one that meets all of your wants and needs, and not just by price. What is a SPA? By the late 1930s, more than 2,000 hot- or cold-springs health

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Ready To Renovate Your Old Concrete Swimming Pool?

Pool And Spa Renovations in South Florida

The time has arrived to begin the process of renovating your old concrete swimming pool. Here are some ideas to help you begin the process. It’s time to think about renovation but where should we start the process. Here are some ideas to think about. Begin to gather ideas about how you would like your backyard to look, keep in mind the pool, deck and landscaping. Research the prospective contractors carefully, ask for references, insurance data and licensing information. Can they apply for and obtain permits if required? Ask contractors for their recommendations. Ask contractors if they have 3D software

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