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Keeping Your Pool Clean in Miami

pool cleaninga man is cleaning a tropical resort swimming pool in South Florida

The pool maintenance and service professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center are often asked about the various pool supplies and accessories that can help aid the enjoyment of owning your own swimming pool in Miami. One of the most common items we get asked about is automatic pool cleaners and how well they work. All Florida Pool & Spa Center carries a variety of automatic pool cleaners for residential and commercial use. Many think that buying an automatic pool cleaner means they don’t need to do anything else when it comes to cleaning their pool. In reality, an

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Stop by All Florida Pool & Spa Center for the Zero to Sixty Hot Tub Sales Event!

jacuzzi with raging water in South Florida

There are plenty of things to consider before a new hot tub from All Florida Pool & Spa Center. Customers are coming in droves to take advantage of our Zero to Sixty hot tub sales event. The huge selection of Sundance Spas at All Florida Pool & Spa Center means everyone can find the perfect hot tub to fit their lifestyle. Before you jump right into a purchase, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Many people consider “wet testing” a spa before purchasing. This means trying out a

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How Do I Know If My Pool Leaks?

beautiful swimming pool with ladder in luxury home in South Florida

One of the most frustrating problems for a pool owner in Miami is when you think your pool is leaking. What many don’t realize is that living in South Florida means evaporation and backwashing are part of the process. Over the course of an entire year, a pool will turn over its entire volume of water due to routine evaporation. Excessive water loss is measured over a 24 hour survey when a simple pencil mark is made in a conspicuous place and referred to the following day to determine the actual amount of water lost in the time frame. Sunbelt

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How Do I Heat My Pool in Miami?

Pool And Spa heater in South Florida

One of the most common questions asked of the technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center is the best way to heat a pool. Heating pumps and gas heaters are by far the two most popular ways to heat a residential or commercial swimming pool. Heat pumps are taking over the market share in sunbelt areas. They feature a form of thermal recovery in order to operate and allow a substantial savings in energy dollars as compared to a gas heater. The power output of a heat pump is affected by the ambient temperature. The colder it is, the

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What about Salt Chlorination in swimming pools in Miami?

Pool Water in South Florida

The staff at All Florida Pool & Spa Center often get asked questions from Miami homeowners about their pool service. One of the most common questions we get is about the advantage of salt chlorinated pools.  Over the  past few years there has been a large jump in the number of salt chlorinated pools because of the many advantages. All Florida Pool and Spa Center recommends these types of systems because the quality of water is far greater than a normally chlorinated pool. Plus it maintains a constant sanitizer lever simply by maintaining the correct salt levels in the pool

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Pool Resurfacing in Miami, FL From All Florida Pool & Spa Center

Tile Step in pool and Spa in south florida

If your swimming pool in Miami is getting up there in years, it may be time to look into pool resurfacing from a company like All Florida Pool & Spa Center. Resurfacing a pool has several advantages including leak prevention and improving the overall appeal of your backyard. What many people don’t realize however, is that there are many different options when it comes to pool resurfacing. Having a company like All Florida Pool & Spa Center handle your pool remodeling or resurfacing is a great idea for any busy homeowner. Prior to resurfacing, benches can be added, a sun shelf

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Check Out Our Latest Video!

All Florida Pool and Spa Headquarters in South Florida

All Florida Pool & Spa Center has decades of experience keeping the pools of South Florida in tip-top shape. Check out our latest video about pool and spa maintenance to find out more about what All Florida Pool & Spa Center can do for you!     The swimming pool experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center has all the pool cleaning supplies, accessories and equipment you need for a hot summer in South Florida. Call today for more information about the pool maintenance and pool cleaning services offered by All Florida Pool & Spa Center. We are located

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Rejuvenating an Old Pool in Miami

After Pool and spa Renovation in a South Florida backyard

When it comes to buying a house in South Florida, people are obviously going to value features like a large kitchen or recently remodeled bathroom. Another feature of the Florida home which can add to the curb appeal is a well-kept pool. There are plenty of properties in Florida that sit on the market for months or even years. Unless the seller is having the pool regularly maintained, a pool can quickly fall into decline. When the water is not treated and filtered regularly it will start to turn green and can even turn into the perfect breeding ground for

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Pool and Spa Cleaning in Miami

Outdoor inground residential swimming pool in backyard with hot tub in south florida

Have you ever wondered what the largest pool in the world is? That honor goes to a private vacation resort in Chile and their gigantic pool which is larger than 20 Olympic sized pools. It holds around 66 million gallons of water and instead of floaty toys, the resort provides sailboats for their guests to go from one end to the other. Regardless of the size however, all pools require regular maintenance in order to ensure they stay clean and in good working order. Obviously the largest pool in the world needs a whole crew of professionals in order to

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Swim Safely This Summer!

Smiling boy in a sunny swimming pool in South Florida

  With summertime temperatures in South Florida being what they are, it’s no surprise that many people head to the beach or their backyard pool for a welcome break from the oppressive heat. If you’ve got kids, a pool is the perfect activity because it combines fun and physical activity. However, there are always risks when it comes to pools and it’s important to make sure that you and your loved ones enjoy swimming safely. Here are a few tips from your friends at All Florida Pool & Spa Center, the biggest pool service company in South Florida! Call today

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