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Be Ready for the Summer!

When was the last time you had your pool water tested and balanced? The smell of sunscreen and barbeque pits are in the air with summer right around the corner. Will you be ready? All Florida Pool and Spa is prepared to handle all the pool and spa services, cleanings, and repairs you may need in order to handle the hot summer months. Our friendly and familiar blue trucks are always doing rounds throughout South Florida. Our services extend anywhere from South Miami to Fort Lauderdale, so don’t hesitate to call our office to get your pool started on a

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Prep Your Hot Tub for a Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and All Florida Pool and Spa is ready to help you celebrate it! This year, the big day is on a weekday, so many of us will be spending it at home with our significant others. However, celebrating at home doesn’t have to be boring. Try these tips and tricks to make your backyard the hottest spot for a Valentine’s date. 1. Make it an Experience There’s nothing better than a relaxing experience on this special day. Treat your significant other to a spa night. Bring out the plush robes and towels that

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Benefits of Remodeling Pools for Homeowners

Like many Florida homeowners, you understand the joy of having a pool in your backyard. It is a place to relax and unwind or bring your family together on a hot summer day. This joy begins to disappear as the years roll on by. If your pool ages, there are several risks that can be costly- both monetarily and to your life. Crumbling parts and areas of your pool can run the risk of injuries to your body and damages to your home.  Upgrading and remodeling your pool brings uncountable benefits to you and your family. It can increase your

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What Better New Year

The holidays season is upon us! Oftentimes, our customers come in asking how they can decorate their pools for this happy time of year, and we have a few tips for you:   Hang String Lights – Try hanging some string lights along the pool fence for a nice holiday glow! If you don’t have a pool fence, don’t worry. Hang your lights from the roof of the house across the pool, and thread it on to some greenery to really liven up your backyard. The lights will reflect in the pool, making your backyard glow- setting a beautiful scene

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Decorate Your Pool for the Holidays

What better New Year’s Resolution than to start relaxing more? In the fast-pace world we live in, we don’t have many chances to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. In 2018, you can make this resolution a reality! There is no need to go far or share your spa experience with others at an over-the-top and overpriced location. You can experience a serene, comfortable, and quiet environment in the comfort of your own home. This year, All Florida Pool & Spa Center is proud to offer Sundance Spas and Bullfrog Spas in their hot tub collection. These state-of-the-art

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Is your backyard ready for the holiday season?

When was the last time you were able to throw a beautiful get-together in your backyard? Is it time that you give your pool & patio a facelift? With the holiday season right around the corner, it is important to start thinking about what improvements you can make before the whole family comes to visit this year and the future holiday seasons to come. A good renovation is beneficial not just for the aesthetic of your pool/patio, but for its overall health. A pool and/or patio renovation can stop any leaks or cracks from starting or getting worse. We take

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Debunking a Thanksgiving Myth!

With Thanksgiving dinner rolling around, the question of the century pops up again: Do you really have to wait 30 minutes before swimming after you eat? For ages we have all been told that so much blood is needed to power your digestive system that we won’t have enough blood or energy to power our limbs in order to swim. Mom may have been right about most things she told us, but definitely not this one! It is actually healthy for you to eat something before exercising, says Elisabetta Politi, RD, Director of the Duke Diet & Fitness Center. As

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Should You Cover Your Pool Even in South Florida?

Even though winter isn’t as cold in Florida as it is in more northern states, pool owners in South Florida should still use a cover when the pool is not in use. Read on to learn how a pool cover can lower your pool maintenance costs and save you hassle in the long run. Reduced Evaporation In southern parts of Florida like Palm Beach County, the average pool loses up to 0.25 inches of water each day from evaporation. This problem may solve itself if your area gets plenty of rain. If it doesn’t, however, you’ll need to refill the

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Post Hurricane Irma Pool Clean-Up Tips

how clean is your Florida pool

Many pools in Florida have been affected by Hurricane Irma. The effects may range from excess leaves to black and debris-ridden swamps. Your clean-up plans should be started promptly to ensure both your safety and insect control. If you have power, do not run your equipment until it is safe to do so. The excess debris could clog your system and cause a mechanical failure. Follow the tips below to begin: Remove debris with a quality pool pole and large leaf net immediately. The leaves, mulch, and twigs will deplete your chlorine content and start to bio-degrade. Add liquid chlorine

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3 Most Helpful Pool Maintenance Tools

All Florida Pool & Spa Center Venetian Islands

Regular maintenance is important for keeping your pool clean, safe, and just as beautiful as the day you got it. With so many maintenance tools on the market, you may not know which ones are essential — especially if you’re a new pool owner. Read this checklist before you go shopping so you’ll know what items to look for. 1. Telescoping Pole With Vacuum Attachments Even if you use a pool cover, leaves and dirt will eventually make their way into the water. A telescoping pole makes cleanup easy. It attaches to a vacuum head and hose, which then attaches

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